Peace of mindConfidence in security, reliability, and scalability. One less headache with the ease of integration from the Salesforce platform. Happy team members - our customers love using Specright.

What's in it for me as an IT Manager


Common Concerns

We don’t want a standalone point solution
Specright is built on the Salesforce app cloud, so there are pre-plumbed API’s to connect to your existing systems 

We don’t use the cloud 

We’d rather build a system ourselves
For some companies, building a system is the right strategy. For most companies, the benefits of a software platform that is built specifically for your needs far outweighs the costs. We'd be happy to connect you with happy customers that have chosen Specright for the same reasons that your team wants to use it. 

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Have you completed an IT security audit?
Yes, Review Reference Material below

What is your security model?
We leverage Salesforce’s user permissioning and security model. See more detail at the links above.


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