Artwork and graphics files are now in the same location as structural specifications. You can execute digital approvals of artwork and collaborate with suppliers without worrying that somebody on the e-mail chain is looking at an old version of the graphics.

What's in it for me as a member of the Marketing Department?

Common Concerns

We already have an artwork approval system
Specright is designed for integrations with your other systems. By connecting your current system with Specright, all parties will have visibility to interconnected files and data.

This is going to create extra work for my team
We will share best practices based on our experience to ensure that you save time with Specright.


Relevant Specright Features

Supplier Collaboration
Share artwork and other documents in a controlled, centralized location

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Can we do approvals of individual artwork files or only complete specifications?
Yes, you can run approvals and workflows on any object or individual file.

Can we edit proofs inside of Specright?
We do not currently support file editing inside of Specright, but we can integrate with other software tools including the Adobe Creative Cloud.


More than just a document, you have visibility into the details of all structural and print specifications

Document Control
Attach all technical drawings, print cards, and graphics files for quick reference

Digital Approvals
Route approvals via email, view a historical record of comments, and report on the status of all items

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