Time savings, cost savings, fewer quality issues, and easier supplier communication. Shift packaging from a liability into an asset for your company. Identify double digit % savings annually for your company while making your life easier.

What's in it for me as a Purchasing Manager?

Can I limit what information suppliers get to see?
Yes, there is a robust permissioning model that allows you to choose exactly what information is visible to each party, and you can set read/write access as desired.

How do I get this data into Specright in the first place?
We take care of that for you! Our implementation team does the heavy lifting to onboard your data.


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Relevant Features

Common Concerns

I already have a sourcing tool
Great! We encourage you to use that tool along with Specright. And we guarantee that your bid will be faster, smoother, and lead to more savings by using Specright too.

We bid infrequently (or never)
You don’t have to go to bid to realize cost and time savings with Specright.  You will be able to increase quality and decrease costs through IQ, the Like Item Finder, and our Supplier Management tools.

Getting software to do this isn’t a priority
Completely understandable that you are busy. But is saving 10%+ on your packaging annually a priority? Is freeing up 5-10 hours of each work week a priority? 


Execute bids more efficiently & increase speed to market of your products

Reduce bid prep time, analyze material usage, compare supplier performance and more

Like Item Finder and IQ
Identify cost-saving consolidation and optimization opportunities

Supplier Relationship Management
Controlled document management, digital approvals, more seamless supplier communication

Supplier Scorecard
Real-time visibility into supplier performance + transparency = increased quality & decreased costs

Life with Specright

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